Maryland Skydiving- Closest Tandem Skydiving  to  Suburban Maryland, DC.  One Day First Tandem Skydives in Virginia for folks from Baltimore, Maryland down to Washington, DC.

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Valentines Day Tandem Skydiving!

We do over 19,000 freefall Parachute jumps annually. Over 3,000 of them are Tandem sky diving first jumps from 13,500'- over 2 1/2 miles high. Maryland Skydivers make hundreds of tandem freefall, Static, and Accelerated Freefall skydives at our skydiving center every year. Why not consider buying your loved one a skydive MD gift certificate? 

We also mint over 20 newly certified (A-licensed) skydivers every year who have completed USPA's official 25-jump AFF "Integrated Student Program" (not just the old school "finished AFF"(7- jump obsolete training program).

Most first time skydivers start Tandem. We offer professional Tandem, AFF Skydives, and static line skydiving instruction.

Maryland skydivers get hooked on skydiving, and make thousands of skydives- come see why they keep jumping after someone buys them a Skydive Maryland gift certificate

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Skydive Baltimore, MD 

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Charlottesville, VA tandem skydiving- Albemarle county VA

MD Skydivers freefall here! Sky dive indeed! Adventurous Tandem skydiving is a blast! Maryland Tandem Skydiving Gift Certificates. An easy drive from MD skydive gift certificates for Tandem jumps are the first step to learn to Wingsuit Skydive and Base Jump in Maryland and DC.

We are the closest Skydiving place to Gaithersburg, MD & Bethesda, MDwith a jump plane that goes 13,500' up year 'round, so this is the place to come if you want to skydive tandem in Maryland, so you might want to consider making your first jump tandem in Orange, VA instead. If you are from Baltimore, consider skydiving with us here to celebrate Labor day near Baltimore and for some Baltimore Columbus day excitement - What could be a more out of this world gift for you loved one on Valentines day! Serving Maryland Adventure and DC adventure seekers at this location since 1979. 

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